Vacature: Community Manager @ 3sixtyfive

Wij zijn druk op zoek naar een community manager! Ben jij een ras-echte content creator en vind jij het leuk om mooie content te produceren voor diverse opdrachtgevers? Kennen Facebook, Insta, Youtube en Snapchat voor jou geen geheimen meer?   Bekijk dan hier de vacature: Community Manager   Wij bieden je een...

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Toyota & Snapchat Spectacles

Worldwide Spectacles #First For Toyota! 3sixtyfive campaign puts Laura Ponticorvo in the driver's seat at Toyota C-HR lifestyle event in London. On Thursday February 2nd a lifestyle event in London puts the new Toyota C-HR in the spotlight. Toyota Netherlands asked us to identify several influencers and develop...

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Endeavour Group - Mike & John

We Are Part Of The Endeavour Group

If you’ve visited our new office lately you might have noticed the 60 digital professionals working under one roof. You were probably looking at our colleagues within the Endeavour Group. Besides the awesome office this means that we can offer our clients a one-stop-shop for digital...

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Influencer Marketing Stage

Influencer Marketing Stagiair Gezocht

Snap jij dat het niet meer draait om reclame maar om verdiende aandacht? Kijk jij blogs, vlogs en plogs tot je er bij neervalt? Maar vooral: Heb jij social media in je DNA en ben je bekend met influencer marketing? Dan zijn wij op zoek naar jou!...

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vivienne pickkers

Say hi to: Viviënne Pickkers

We're very happy to announce that with the start of 2017, Viviënne Pickkers joined our team as Digital Project Manager. She brings her broad experience in influencer marketing with her and will work on projects such as Hogeschool Utrecht, MGA Entertainment, KIA en Rabobank.   Besides project management, Vivienne will...

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Unboxing THE Spectacles from Snap Inc.

OMG OMG OMG. Spectacles are here and they're flipping amazeballs.   A couple of weeks ago we were presenting new concepts and, as we’re always keeping an eye on the latest innovations and technologies, we introduced the Spectacles to our client. The camera-equipped glasses, which can record...

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