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New Office

New Office

New Office

New Office Alert!

Have you heard the word? Not that the bird is the word, but that we from 3sixtyfive, got together with The Endeavour Group and recently moved into our new office. And now we wonder, how to describe our new office to you, in just one word, well… Awesome!

Right now, we really, really, really do not want to sound like that world-wide famous salesmen from that television show called TellSell, but.. wait, there’s more! As in more good news. With this office, we seal the deal and close partnership with the current residents of the Endeavour Group. We join a collective of digital agencies, who are all specialised in certain types of digital marketing. This may vary from search, social advertising, email marketing and developing websites and applications. With us bringing strategy, creative concepts and campaigns (with the focus on influencer marketing) into this mix, a powerful new perspective merges with the existing group.

We’re not the types to brag around but we are all quite confident and certain that you will be hearing more about this early in 2017.

Oh, before we forget, these are the other agencies who are part of EG:



So come and get a coffee soon, we’re currently upgrading our barista skills.


Our new address:

Phoenixstraat 4
2011 KC Haarlem