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Canei: La Vita Frizzante

Baarsma Wines heeft ons gevraagd een campagne te ontwikkelen voor het volledig vernieuwde merk: Canei. Het merk keert terug naar haar Italiaanse roots met ‘La Vita Frizzante’ als hoofdthema. Het is een eerbetoon aan de geschiedenis van Canei, waar de Italiaanse lifestyle en het vieren van het leven een grote rol speelt. In de komende...

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Toyota & Snapchat Spectacles

Worldwide Spectacles #First For Toyota! 3sixtyfive campaign puts Laura Ponticorvo in the driver's seat at Toyota C-HR lifestyle event in London. On Thursday February 2nd a lifestyle event in London puts the new Toyota C-HR in the spotlight. Toyota Netherlands asked us to identify several influencers and develop a campaign. The Spectalces (Snap Inc.) played an exclusive part,...

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Say hi to: Viviënne Pickkers

We're very happy to announce that with the start of 2017, Viviënne Pickkers joined our team as Digital Project Manager. She brings her broad experience in influencer marketing with her and will work on projects such as Hogeschool Utrecht, MGA Entertainment, KIA en Rabobank.   Besides project management, Vivienne will also hold an account management role and focus on our current...

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Gel-a-Peel @ TINA-day

Gel-a-Peel is a new product in the MGA Entertainment portfolio. The product gives young girls the opportunity to create fashion accessories in their own style. By using colored gel tubes and design templates it's possible to create necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, headbands and much more. We got together with RTL MCN and created a campaign with three influential...

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