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Defeat the Facebook algorithm

We were a little early at The Social Conference for Johns talk, so Lieke decided to go into a conference about the Facebook Algorithm given by Gonnie Spijkstra en Sanneke Boesveldt. A lot of things changed in the past years and even a view months ago there were some big algorithm changes. Panic rules amongst anyone who manages social media for a company. Because it means that you have to get all the content to your audience in a new way. But how?

Tell stories
Advertising was getting bigger and bigger on Facebook. Your timeline was filled with content from companies. But there is one important question: with who do you want to interact on Facebook. With brands or with the people? Probably you have already answered “with the people” in your head. So Mark Zuckerberg decided to change course and make conversations on Facebook more important.



How important Facebook conversation makes? Well, in this image it is easily explained. A long form reaction are multiple reactions among each other. In this way Facebook sees that a conversation arises. A reaction has received much more value than a like.


How do you respond to it?

But how do you respond to this with your own brand? The answer is simple: by telling stories that make an impact. Or that provokes conversation. Stories that people want to share. This is easy to do when you’re working for a publisher, because you have a lot of stories to tell. When you work for brands who want to make sales, it is complicated. Think from the target groups point of view. With what kind of content can you help them and what do they value? When they respond to your content, start the conversation!

Hopefully these tips will help you on your way. For a moment. Until Facebook adjusts the algorithm again 😉