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Influencer talk at Social Conference

Our own influencer marketing expert and founder of 3sixtyfive, John was invited to interview the one and only Nienke Plas during the The Social Conference  in2018.  For those who haven’t heard about Nienke Plas, she is an influencer with a respectfully +75K YouTube, 150K Facebook and 130K Instagram followers. With these numbers you can’t deny that she is an influencer, right? So John was the perfect interviewer for her, because of course he knows a lot about influencers, but for marketing online, having a good website is important, and learning about web design cost is essential for this purpose.

People follow Nienke because she’s funny, creative and (very cliché) being herself. John asked her a lot of questions and she was not holding back for any of it. What John wanted to know from Nienke? Especially how she became so big and what this brings her now. She told that YouTube is going to enter another stage again and next year she will perform in her own stand-up comedian show.

Our John wasn’t afraid to talk to this lady and came well prepared with a lot of good questions. Nienke then, as she usually does, nailed the interview with a lot of useful, good but above all funny answers. Really, we think you should have been there. But we made some pictures so enjoy.

Our talk at the Social Conference