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travel industry and social impact

travel industry and social impact

The impact from socials on the travel industry. It seems an everlasting fight where looking for the balance is key. Today, our founder and CEO John, gave a presentation during the eTravel conference, an event which was organised by Emerce. After this inspiring presentation a lot of people from the audience asked him to share his knowledge and visions, which were visualised in the presentation. So We decided to place it here as well, for everyone to see and use.

This presentation covers the five most important factors that be seen as the current game changers within travel industries. We hope you like it and it may help you with good use. If you have thoughts, questions or anything other than that, please let us know what you think about it? We strive to help everyone in the best way we can. Check it out below!



In my presentation I also talk about the Facebook Engagement from may 2011, that was conducted amongst the market leaders in the Asian travel industries. In case you want to download it, you can get it here.