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Toyota & Snapchat Spectacles

 Worldwide Spectacles #First For Toyota!

3sixtyfive campaign puts Laura Ponticorvo in the driver’s seat at C-HR lifestyle event in London.

On Thursday February 2nd a lifestyle event in London puts the new Toyota C-HR in the spotlight. Toyota Netherlands asked us to identify several influencers and develop a campaign. The Spectalces (Snap Inc.) played an exclusive part, which gave fans of Dutch YouTube star Laura Ponticorvo the opportunity to be a part of the experience up close. By doing this, Toyota became the first automotive brand in the world to use the video wearable in a marketingcampaign.


A mix of lifestyle and fashion influencers travelled to London to be a part of this exclusive event. One of them was Laura Ponticorvo, who shared 10-30 second videos through Snapchat with her fans. With this unique way of content sharing, her fans could experience the event just as Laura did.


First automotive brand with Spectacles campaign
Last November, Snapchat introduced the Spectacles in the U.S.. Earlier this year L’oréal Paris used the Spectacles in a campaign during the Golden Globe Awards. Toyota is now the first automotive brand to have used the Spectacles during their lifestyle event with the C-HR lifestyle event.


The Night That Flows
All details on the event, titled ‘The Night that Flows’, were kept secret. Nothing was told about the location and the influencers didn’t know what to expect during the event. Toyota stated it was the ‘World’s first drive-through immersive theatre experience’. Besides Laura Ponticorvo, Kay Nambiar, Notre vue and Manners Magazine will report on the event, followed by an activation for the die-hard Toyota fans.