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Why An Invisible App Will Be Your New BFF

While the term ‘invisible app’ was already coined by Matthew Panzarino in 2014, 2016 will be the year in which we’ll finally ‘see’ more of them.   Think of apps that you won’t have to open in order to use them. Apps that talk to you, like magic, through notifications and API’s of your favourite apps like...

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Line Band: Naver’s Answer To Facebook

If the name Naver doesn't ring any bells for you it's time for you to take notice. Recently Naver launched a new mobile social network called Line Band. Will this take flight or will it be left behind in the dust? Let's break it down for a moment as you might be hearing new names you...

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travel industry and social impact

The impact from socials on the travel industry. It seems an everlasting fight where looking for the balance is key. Today, our founder and CEO John, gave a presentation during the eTravel conference, an event which was organised by Emerce. After this inspiring presentation a lot of people from the audience asked him to share...

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