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Toyota & Snapchat Spectacles

 Worldwide Spectacles #First For Toyota! 3sixtyfive campaign puts Laura Ponticorvo in the driver's seat at C-HR lifestyle event in London. On Thursday February 2nd a lifestyle event in London puts the new Toyota C-HR in the spotlight. Toyota Netherlands asked us to identify several influencers and develop a campaign. The Spectalces (Snap Inc.) played an exclusive part, which...

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Recruiting Students

Recruiting Students

Recruiting Students with influencer marketing? It is possible. As the first university in the Netherlands, Hogeschool Utrecht cooperated with influencers to connect with their future technical students. After all, in order to reach tomorrow's innovators, it's best to use today's innovations in marketing.   We identified & matched renowned Dutch YouTubers Dylan Haegens, Sophie Milzink and Défano Holwijn who connect well with Hogeschool Utrecht's target audience....

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EtailTrends Interview

EtailTrends, something you should be aware of. More and more companies see influencer marketing as an important tool to reach their target groups. Our founder John, as an influencer marketing expert, was recently interviewed by EtailTrends magazine. John explained what influencer marketing can do for retail companies. As an example he explained how the online...

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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Tijdens #SXSW


Virtual Reality (VR), echt maar dan wel nep. Iedere zichzelf respecterende sci-fi fan kent de belofte van virtual reality. Het holodek uit Star Trek of de film The Lawnmower Man. Vanaf dat moment wisten we allemaal dat