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Facebook 3D post Click around!

Facebook 3D post alert! This week Facebook added a new format for Facebook posts called the ‘GITF Files’. The what, you say!? Yes, well it basically means 3D posts and we from 3sixtyfive, are loving it! You can now click anywhere in the post and the object moves around which way you like. Pretty cool right? The change will bring more detail and interaction to the post that allows the user to scroll around in a 360 view of an object. A win-win situation! Check the examples of Lego and Jurassic World

We have some examples below en don’t forget to click around in the posts!

What’s next?
Facebook says this file format support is just the beginning. “Maybe the next step is mixing the 3D objects into the real world using augmented reality. In the future, we envision a seamless digital world where people can share immersive experiences and objects like these across VR, AR and Facebook News Feed,” Facebook’s Aykud Gonen wrote on Facebook’s developer blog. “To get there, we’ll work on supporting even higher-quality 3D models, enabling interactive animations and bringing 3D content into the real world using AR. This is only the beginning, and we look forward to seeing the ecosystem of 3D content grow on Facebook as people, developers and artists contribute their creativity.”