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Unboxing THE Spectacles from Snap Inc.

OMG OMG OMG. Spectacles are here and they’re flipping amazeballs.


A couple of weeks ago we were presenting new concepts and, as we’re always keeping an eye on the latest innovations and technologies, we introduced the Spectacles to our client. The camera-equipped glasses, which can record 10-second Snaps, or video clips, are sold only through Snapbots —vending machines that look like SpongeBob, are dropped off for just a few hours in random locations in the U.S. Yep, that’s right: the U.S. … The spots are only revealed after a 12-to-24-hour countdown on spectacles.com/map.
When the location is revealed, it is first come, first buy.

Snapbot – Snap Inc.

We have to admit, the glasses are hyped. The limited roll out is a way for Snap to distance itself from unsuccessful smart glasses, like Google Glass. And it works!


Gun Hudson (Australia) paid over $3.500 to get a pair of those super fancy glasses. Just saying’. ???? Another story of John Reuter, who jumped into his car and drove 2.5 hours straight to the Grand Canyon Airport. There he boarded a helicopter, which swooped him to the bottom. A few steps off the helipad he stood before a vending machine and he got them (seriously).


And now we’ve got them too! As far as we know, there’s no heli involved (although it adds a lot to the story) and there’s still some money left to pay our wages (there is, right? no comment…).
Anyway, here’s the unboxing video (in Dutch).
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