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Dopper Evergreen / The Watergate Gate Experience

Almost 90% of travelers want to travel more sustainably, but we simply don't know where to start. That is why Dopper inspires to start with a very small, but impactful change: drink tap water and protect the oceans from disposable plastic bottles. With this objective Dopper launched a new international campaign at Schiphol. All nationalities who...

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Emancipation via Instagram: Joke Smit Award

The emancipation of the woman is still an important topic during this 21st century. Fortunately, there are many people, groups and bodies in the Netherlands, who are committed to these interests. To encourage these initiatives, the Ministry of Education Culture and Science awards the Joke Smit Award every two years. and 3sixtyfive was happy to help! The main...

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Thé online series for teens!

SKAM NL is a web series about a group of young people in the second phase of their secondary school. It can be followed daily online at npo3.nl/skam, Instagram and the SKAM NL YouTube channel. At the end of March the second season of SKAM NL started and at the beginning of May NTR called...

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Tikkie Thank You Gif

Tikkie (ABN AMRO) wanted to introduce the ‘Thank You’-GIF in a young and fresh way. So in cooperation with RLVNT we developed a highly social campaign starring influencers Kaj Gorgels & Kaj van der Ree. ...

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