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Attention for waste separation!

The waste- and energy company HVC group was looking for a way to raise awareness for waste separation. As HVC wanted to reach a new audience, we decided to set up an influencer marketing pilot. A diverse mix of influencers were asked to tell their audience (mostly families) about the ease and value of waste sorting.


Because of the client’s interest in different social media we covered all the desired media platforms. HerHealth posted on her blog and Facebook page. The Lakap Family and Saskia Weerstand created content for their YouTube channel and Instagram feed. These three influencers visited the impressive big waste plant in Alkmaar to get an exclusive ‘behind the scenes’ look of their own garbage. Because what happens to your waste after you tucked it away? Did you for example know that one family could cook for 21 days on the green/economical energy that is generated out of a full green waste bin? After this inducement, the influencers started creating content to show people how they deal with garbage and how they sort their waste at home. And guess what: it’s super simple!


The campaign yielded good and personal content through the investment of many different influencers whereby we could reach a big audience. The positive sentiment and personal, authentic content contributed to this successful pilot. Eventually, we reached 230.000 impressions and 19.000 engagements. We’re happy to show this new client the added value of influencer marketing.


April 29, 2019



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