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Thé online series for teens!

SKAM NL is a web series about a group of young people in the second phase of their secondary school. It can be followed daily online at npo3.nl/skam, Instagram and the SKAM NL YouTube channel. At the end of March the second season of SKAM NL started and at the beginning of May NTR called on us to get as many views and traffic as possible on the YouTube channel of SKAM NL.


We started looking for influencers who themselves fall into the target group of SKAM NL, because they probably have the most affinity with the series and can easily identify themselves with the characters of the series. The target group of these influencers also matches the characters from the series. Everyday problems experienced by the characters are recognizable, making it for the influencers easier to discuss with their followers. Every influencer chose a topic from the series, around which she built her content and spoke about her own thoughts or experiences. Examples of this are social pressure to perform, true friendship, or a first love. To reach the target group, the focus of this campaign was on two channels: YouTube and Instagram.


Our goal was to generate as much traffic as possible from young people (primarily girls) between the ages of 14 and 20 for the YouTube channel of SKAM NL, thereby increasing the number of views. Eventually three influencers were deployed, each of them posted a YouTube item, Instagram post and various Instagram stories. The planned results were achieved with almost 600,000 impressions, 400,000 of which were unique within the target group. During the campaign, the SKAM NL account grew with more than 5,000 subscribers and there were more than a million views on the videos on YouTube.


July 18, 2019



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