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Dopper Evergreen / The Watergate Gate Experience

Almost 90% of travelers want to travel more sustainably, but we simply don’t know where to start. That is why Dopper inspires to start with a very small, but impactful change: drink tap water and protect the oceans from disposable plastic bottles.

With this objective Dopper launched a new international campaign at Schiphol. All nationalities who visited Schiphol could become ‘citizens of a waterful world’. At Schiphol, “The Water Gate” experience was created where travelers can obtain information about the current plastic problems in the world and more water facts. A new dark green Dopper bottle, the Evergreen, has been introduced especially for this campaign.


We started working for Dopper to bring this message to the attention of 13 sustainable travel influencers. Including WeLikeBali, ZweiDieReisen, WeareKingingit started to create content during their “The Water Gate” period and up to one month afterwards with their tips and ideas about sustainable travel. How do they approach this and apply it in their own lives? In short, plenty of inspiration to make more people aware of their plastic use when traveling. Focused on ignoring disposable bottles and choosing a sustainable option with the core message: DRINK TAP WATER!


Our campaign was very well received by the target group, together for a better world. In a period of only two weeks, we generated no less than a MILLION campaign impressions with Dutch, German and English influencers! Where do you have to pay attention to if you want to travel sustainable? Where can you tap water? All these kinds of questions have been answered by the influencers and have taken the fans on their journey to a greener world.


July 14, 2020



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