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Global Collect

Global Collect

International Influencer Marketing in Finance – GlobalCollect, part of Ingenico Group, is the most knowledgeable global Payment Service Provider in the world. The company processes international eCommerce payments for more than 600 of the world’s most recognized eCommerce brands in the digital goods and services, travel, retail and video gaming industries, among many others. GlobalCollect enables its clients to efficiently and securely accept payments from more than 170 countries in more than 150 currencies.

GlobalCollect wanted to strengthen its awareness and reputation in the United States, expanding their business at the same time.



We identified more than 150 influencers in the payment industry that were tied to other industries GlobalCollect wanted to expand it reach in, like Travel, Retail, Gaming and E-commerce. We matched the most influential payment experts per industry with GlobalCollect.


We've laid the foundation of an extensive influencer marketing program in which payment experts from GlobalCollect were linked to international influencers within the industries they wished to connect with. This enabled an exchange of knowledge between both sides and offered GlobalCollect the opportunity to tie the payment influentials to their international conferences as well.


October 19, 2013



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