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KVK Business Challenge

Together with a selection of corporates, the Chamber of Commerce (KVK) organizes the KVK Business Challenge. Various corporates, including ProRail, Baker & McKenzie and Cargill, suggested problems for which they would like an innovative solution. Every corporate therefore has its own specific issue. In order to get this innovative solution, help from entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs is requested. We helped the Chamber of Commerce to deploy the right influencers to reach the right entrepreneurs and start-ups.



To make as many entrepreneurs excited to participate in the KVK Business Challenge, we’ve teamed up with business influencers in each of the challenge topics. Opinion leaders in innovation, technology, trends, personal growth and development shared information in his or her own way and style. They highlighted a challenge they have affinity with in order to keep the content as authentic as possible. The main medium of this campaign was LinkedIn, and in addition blogs, Twitter posts and Instagram posts spread the message.


Our goal was to register as many people as possible on the online platform and to share their solution with the Chamber of Commerce. After about 8 weeks, the online registration on the platform closed and the corporates chose their favorite solutions to continue the conversation. During the campaign period, there were more than 700 new registrations on the platform, which made edition 5 of the KVK Business Challenge, according to the Chamber of Commerce a huge success. The plans for the next editions are already ready.


June 27, 2019


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