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Weather routing contains the technology that makes it possible to choose the best shipping route based on weather information. It is financially as well as ecologically very profitable to make the right decision. However, the shipping industry has not yet fully embraced this tech. MeteoGroup would like to convince buyers of this software, and asked 3sixtyfive to help through B2B influencer marketing.


We have developed a strategic approach to successfully market MeteoGroup's weather routing product. First we defined three different fields for which the software is beneficial: save money, save lives and save the environment. Next, we mapped out thought leaders in the shipping industry within these three topics. In our approach, they are frequently discussed in a trend report, which, together with a case study, was released as a white paper. The thought leaders also act as influencers who bring the white paper to the attention of the target audience and create an authentic reach.


February 13, 2019



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