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Tikkie Thank You Gif

Tikkie (ABN AMRO) wanted to introduce the ‘Thank You’-GIF in a young and fresh way. So in cooperation with RLVNT we developed a highly social campaign starring influencers Kaj Gorgels & Kaj van der Ree.


We looked for influencers who would be the perfect match. They needed to have an impressive amount of following within a younger target audience as well as the right (and a little goofy) personality. Finally we selected Kaj & Kaj and they loved to cooperate. In the end, it’s not every day that you get to work together with one of your best friends. The campaign consisted of multiple posts on Instagram, both Stories and timeline. Gradually introducing the new Tikkie feature and interacting with their followers to get the buzz going.


With over 150K recorded GIFs in the first week! And within two months the usage increased from 2M to 3M. The campaign ran on Snapchat too and was one of the most effective campaigns ever. Last but not least: it still is the best downloaded app on Snapchat to date.


December 3, 2018



abnamro, instagram, SnapChat, tikkie