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Defeat the Facebook algorithm

We were a little early at The Social Conference for Johns talk, so Lieke decided to go into a conference about the Facebook Algorithm given by Gonnie Spijkstra en Sanneke Boesveldt. A lot of things changed in the past years and even a view months ago there were some big algorithm changes. Panic rules amongst anyone...

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Facebook 3D

Facebook 3D post Click around!

Facebook 3D post alert! This week Facebook added a new format for Facebook posts called the 'GITF Files'. The what, you say!? Yes, well it basically means 3D posts and we from 3sixtyfive, are loving it! You can now click anywhere in the post and the object moves around which way you like. Pretty cool...

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Line Band: Naver’s Answer To Facebook

If the name Naver doesn't ring any bells for you it's time for you to take notice. Recently Naver launched a new mobile social network called Line Band. Will this take flight or will it be left behind in the dust? Let's break it down for a moment as you might be hearing new names you...

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