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LeasePlan Bank

LeasePlan Bank

Influencer Marketing in Finance –LeasePlan Bank is a Dutch online savingsbank and part of the LeasePlan Corporation N.V. that operates worldwide and exists more than 50 years. Currently more than 140.000 people are customer at LeasePlan Bank.

As a savingsbank LeasePlan Bank wanted to focus their communication on helping their customers save more money. As we already developed their social media strategy and maintained their social presence on Facebook and Twitter, LeasePlan Bank asked us to develop a campaign.



We identified a wide range of financial influencers that were passionate or had an expertise on saving money. This included financial bloggers to anonymous persons that completely shared their income and expenses online, together with insider tips from extensive saving experience. After that we matched the most relevant influencers with LeasePlan Bank.


LeasePlan Bank now had the means to start communicating with and to financial influencers in order to tell their story and strengthen their position as an online savingsbank.


augustus 15, 2014



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