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The Body Shop

The Body Shop

The Body Shop – is a store that deals in cosmetics that characterize themselves as fair and done ethically in a combination with fair trade relationships and an eye for the environment. For the promotion of the new Fuji Green Tea product line we developed a campaign in Belgium and The Netherlands that capitalized on #HealthyMoment.


The focus of this new product line lies on the intention to emphasize the health benefits of green tea amongs the target audience. The aim of the campaign was to increase the activity and engagement on Facebook and other social media channels. Health- and lifestyle influencers and fans were challenged to take a photo of their #HealthyMoment and to share it on social media in order to win the complete product line and a workshop mindfulness.


#HealthyMoment was a hit on Instagram, with more than 50,000 likes and a 200% increase in engagement. The engagement in Belgium even rose to a whopping 22%! More than 225.000 people were reached and inspired.


mei 18, 2015