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We hebben een Lovie Award gewonnen!

Confetti en champagne! ūüćĺ Van nominatie tot‚Ķ vieren! Het is officieel: vanaf nu zijn we de eerste Award Winning Influencer Agency (say what?!). Herinner je The Night that Flows nog? Deze Snapchat Spectacles-campagne voor Toyota heeft een Bronzen Lovie Award gewonnen, √©√©n van de meest begeerde internetprijzen in Europa. [caption id="attachment_52573" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Wat.een.mijlpaal[/caption] Nu moeten we ons...

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Toyota & Snapchat Spectacles

Worldwide Spectacles #First For Toyota! 3sixtyfive campaign puts Laura Ponticorvo in the driver's seat at Toyota C-HR lifestyle event in London. On Thursday February 2nd a lifestyle event in London puts the new Toyota C-HR in the spotlight. Toyota Netherlands asked us to identify several influencers and develop a campaign. The Spectalces (Snap Inc.) played an exclusive part,...

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Unboxing THE Spectacles from Snap Inc.

OMG OMG OMG. Spectacles are here and they're flipping amazeballs.   A couple of weeks ago we were presenting new concepts and, as we‚Äôre always keeping an eye on the latest innovations and technologies, we introduced the Spectacles to our client. The camera-equipped glasses, which can record 10-second Snaps, or video clips, are sold only through Snapbots...

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